About me

Hello, I’m Lucas. 13 years. This is exactly how my adventure with music production lasts. An adventure full of elation, joy and satisfaction. There were also moments of doubts and breakdowns. I fondly remember my first dream synthesizer that my parents gave me: the Emu XK-6. 

On that day, an unfettered world of sonic spots, juicy leads and synthetic percussion sounds opened up to me. It was a beautiful time. So far, I have produced nearly 300 songs mainly for artists from Poland, but I also had the pleasure to work with singers from all over the world. As a producer, I have used Splice-type services many times. Unfortunately, the amount of content I had to dig to find what I was looking for was overwhelming. Most often it ended with an hour-long audition of hundreds of similar-sounding samples. Music had to wait again … 

That’s when I decided to change something. I would like the Smultron Sounds to be a unique place. I want to create inspiring, creative and ultra-useful music creation tools for you in all genres. Be sure that if you find a five-patches soundset in Smultron Sounds, each of these sounds will be a recipe for the next first Billboard place hit.

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