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We have created a set of drum samples made 100 percent with FM synthesis. Powerful kicks, beefy and wide snares and full of sparkly transients metallic hihats, all built with classic FM machines as Yamaha DX 7, Elektron Digitone, and Korg Opsix.

This sample pack is perfect for modern pop, synthwave, vapor wave and ’80s-flavored genres. Boom is a perfect choice for producers of all generations—modern in every way, getting back to the basics to offer you a glimpse of the future. Discover the power of previous eras of dance music with, a touch of modernity.

Hot Kick samples
Hot Snare samples
Hot Crash samples
Hot Clap samples
Hot Hihat samples
Hot SFX samples

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80's never dies

All the night

Fish and crispy chips

Nu Kilatov & Faras

Big 808 bottom

Few single shots

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Yes, all products in the free downloads section are royalty free. You can use them freely in your productions and in all your commercial releases. However, please do not distribute, resell the samples themselves to third parties. If You like our free products, inform others by sending them a link to our site. Thank You!

First, you need any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Studio One, Logic, FL Studio, or any other application that can open wav files. You can also upload samples to any hardware samplers like MPC. 

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